Special Exhibitions

Are you looking to show your work, or that of a group, for a short period of time in a gallery? We now accept bookings for private, two week special exhibitions in our Drawing Room, with the Vernissage taking place on the first Friday of the exhibition. For more information or to reserve your own exhibition, contact

Seasonal Exhibitions

The Art House Café hosts submission-based group exhibitions seasonally, changing over every three months. A call is made to artists from the region (within half a day’s drive from Ottawa!) for artwork of all styles, mediums, and sizes. Pieces are chosen through a juried process, taking into consideration the space available, accordance with other pieces, and colours or themes, when applicable.

Submission Guidelines

During the defined Submission Period, artists are asked to fill out the Submission Form, available for download on this page, and send with accompanying photographs to Submission Forms MUST be signed (digitally or manually). The Forms can be scanned, or sent as photographs (from one’s phone, for example), or dropped off in person at the Art House Café. All relevant dates and deadlines are shown below on this page.

Any piece or item intended for display on a wall MUST be dropped off at the Art House Café in a ready-to-hang state (proper attachments or mounting at the back such as eyelets and wire must be included). Failure to to bring the piece in a ready-to-hang state may result in the dismissal of the accepted piece, or the artist may have the option to pay a hanging fee.

The Art House Café has the right to refuse any accepted piece(s) or item(s) upon delivery for reasons including, but not limited to, damage suffered by the item.

Applicants whose submissions have been selected to feature in an Exhibition will be contacted at least 5 days prior to the Exhibition. Due to the high number of submissions, we unfortunately can only contact applicants whose submissions have been accepted. Submissions can be considered and accepted for sale in the Gift Shop at any time.

Pieces and items are to be dropped off at The Art House Café anytime during regular business hours before the final day of the preceding Exhibition.

Accepted pieces and items will remain at The Art House Café until the end of the agreed upon Exhibition period, excepting in the case of extenuating circumstances and special exceptions.

Pieces and items requiring pickup must be picked up from The Art House Café by the artist or their established representatives up to 14 days after the end of the relevant exhibition period. The Art House Café reserves the right to auction any piece that was not picked up in this time and will give the artist 50% of the proceeds received. Exceptions must be established in writing in advance.

For more details including payment information, please see our Submission Form.

The Submission Period has ended. The next Submission Period will take place February 1st, until February 15th for the Spring Exhibition.

The Winter Exhibition will last from December 1st to Feb 28th.

For all additional information or inquiries,
please contact